The Adventure Begins.

So here I am on a Thursday night writing a blog post, after a long day at work and going to the gym, and have Troye Sivan’s latest album playing in the background. I have been kicking myself to get this started since I have returned back from Spain earlier this month. Let’s get this started!

I named this blog 196Stories to align with one of my core life goals: To visit all 196 Countries in the world (That would be 195 UN recognized territories, plus Taiwan). Though the posts in this blog will not be limited to 196 stories total, it’s more of a guideline that each country has a story (or stories) to tell.

After receiving enough feedback from friends and family (borderline nagging) regarding my stories about my travels, I’ve decided to sit down, start a blog, and share my experiences about this great and wonderful world with this great and wonderful world.

I invite you to take this journey with me as we experience the many wonders and cultures, sounds and scenes, that I encounter across my travels around the world.

Kuang Si Waterfall. Luang Prabang, Laos. April 2018

This blog is no way intended for me to provide recommendations on things to see and do in the places I visit, but if you think, “Hmm.. What he did was interesting. I want to do that too.” By all means. Go ahead. Do it. I am a strong believer of getting out there and going on adventures (that even means getting in my car and driving 1 hour east to the Cascade Mountains here in the Pacific Northwest of the United States).

Traveling brings me joy and happiness — and at the end of the day it is what I invest my hard earned money in — the experience. Meeting new people, observing cultures, eating interesting foods — it all helps the experience. All of this makes me feel fulfilled, yielding a richer, fuller life, shaped by what I have witnessed with my eyes, my feet, my mouth, my nose, my ears. I greatly encourage each and every one of you to take that leap, try that new experience, eat that weird looking food (ok, not if it looks like it could give you food poisoning), but you get my thought, right?

Travel is life.

La Alhambra. Granada, Spain. September 2018


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