About the Explorer


Hello there. Welcome to 196Stories.

My name is Nik.
California born. Seattle based.
Lithuanian (and American) Citizen.
I work in global mobility and spend my free time traveling and taking photos

I am just that run-of-the-mill millennial that enjoys the wonderful things in life: travel. food. friends. coffee. wine. photography.

Despite me speaking English and French fluently, there are a multitude that I have basic conversational abilities (Danish, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish) and even moreso other languages where I call it “Food Language” — basically being able to order food and dishes in that language (including, but not limited to, Italian, Malay, and Vietnamese). I find languages easy to pick up, but hard to really do a deep dive and really get fluent. As a foreigner in many countries, I find that simply  ordering a coffee or using a few words in the local language can go a long way with the locals. コーヒーください。

All the photos you’ll see on this site are taken by me (or of me — though you’d be surprised which self portraits are mine).

The name of this blog is derived from one of my life goals: To visit all 196 countries in the world (195 UN recognized territories, plus all those other autonomous territories and regions that do not have “country” level status). I will tell you first off my blog will not be limited to 196 total stories, but rather a collection of stories that reflects my experiences across 196 countries!

I am going to become a Million Miler soon! You can follow my progress if you’d like (though it will be a while before I hit 1M Miles on a specific airline).

Luang Prabang, Laos. April 2018


Shköder, Albania. May 2019